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  1. Hello, I really enjoy this plug-in, works great! I have experienced a problem in users that register not receiving an email to verify their registration. Any suggestions on why this is would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, I was wondering about how to insert a login field, and also how I can view all of the data from registered users so that I can integrate that with our mailing list. I’ll be sure to donate if I can receive help with these issues. Thank you very much. -Alex

    • Alex, the first step to fixing email is to disable Redux and register a new user, by default wordpress sends one out, if you do not receive that message there is a problem with phpMail, if you do, then we’ll need to figure out what’s wrong with Redux.

      What do you mean by insert a login field? Insert a login field somewhere like in your sidebar?

      Viewing all the stored metadata is a bit of a conundrum right now, another Redux user had success using AmR Users. I haven’t played with that yet but give it a shot and let me know if it works for you.

  2. Hi,

    The plugin is working great, thank you [donation sent].

    Is there a way to send an email confirmation to the Registee after I, as Administrator, confirm their registration?
    Should I firstly click “Send E-mail Verification to Selected Users”
    Then secondly click “Approve Selected Users”
    …in that order?

    I just assumed that clicking “Approve Selected Users” it would automatically notify Registee’s that they have been verified and therefore there is no need for the two buttons in your plugin here?


  3. Hi Radiok,

    Great plugin – I am using Register Plus Redux on my self hosted website and for the Admin Notification that I set up and recive, I am unable to get the replacement keyword «out% to work. This is a required field which the users complete, but when I get the email through it doesn’t show me what they completed. How can I resolve this?


  4. Radiok.. Great plugin. I was reading Adam W. Warner’s WP Modder article about people stepping up and donating to plugin developers. His point that people who are benefiting from your freely contributed work work should be willing to layout a few dollars to avoid the alternative of having to hire developers or mod your work.

    The rational response can only be that if we all contributed a few dollars towards seeing functions added and the tool improved, developers would be motivated to more aggressively address community desires. For those who desire improvements should be prepared to lay out some cash.. and if more people did, your remuneration would for your work, beyond the adoration and respect of your users, would help pay bills,

    All that said, I have donated a modest $20 dollars, following the lead of Adam, and also, respectfully, would love to see Multisite support integrated into your plugin and avoid developing this myself, as its obvious that you are far more capable and can redistribute these improvements to many others, where i cannot

    Multisite, has, since the release of 3.0, and more so with 3.1, become a routine part of my client efforts. I see this only getting more pronounced as client launch sites and web properties that address audience segments.

    I agree with adam 100%, user registration in WP is a constant thorn, and translating user contact info, birthday info, billing/membership info.. al manner of CRM-useful data into a single unified WP entity like user is long over due. (Why hasn’t Wp evolved into a uber, socially aware, gravatar, twitter, facebook, linked in connected contact database of visitors, members.. god know the tools are all out there.. someone needs to package these together.. but I digress.. sorry for the rant).

    Its just 20 dollars, but i wanted to follow adams lead, i agree its the right thing to do.. Going one step further, what would it take financially to complete this aspect of the plugin and release it to the commnuity?

    • rgkeenan, thank you for you contribution, it is a little surprising to me how few donations I get relative to how often Redux is downloaded, bugs are reported and resolved, features are requested, some implemented, some not. This is more of a hobby to me, but it would improve my motivation if more users talked with their wallet! But that’s ok, I am but a humble developer myself and rarely spend time to donate to all the different projects that have benefited me too.

      Regardless, I must have some type of brain issue because I am very nearing WPMU/MS functionality. I haven’t advertised it, since it is the most frequently requested feature and I’m fearful that if I make too much noise everyone will expect it to be done already, but I think I might have this nut finally cracked within the next week or so.

      I need to write a blog post soon, but I’m at a real crossroad with the plugin. I’ve surveyed other registration plugins, and there are features that interest me, but I’m a huge fan of KISS and I also want to keep Redux from having long term effects on a site. I’d like it to be a silent partner, not something that bloats your entire site. I do agree that Redux could eventually really enable a social website, but I’m not sure where to draw the line… I like features as much as the next software junkie, but I also hate bloat. I’m rambling, but only because I truly am turned around. Anyway, one thing at a time. I already threw out a months of code once for getting too ambitious all at once and complete lost along the way.

      So, until better judgement comes along I will continue to give the milk away for free. I appreciate your donation and encourage anyone benefited by Redux to offer whatever they’d like. I’m not a snob, $5 is still a nice surprise to see in my inbox. Not as nice as $20, and definitely as nice as $50, but I know not everyone is developing websites with thousands of dollar budgets.

  5. I tried to donate, but I couldn’t do it.
    First I tried use PayPal, but it says “transaction incomplete” with no information.
    Then I tried to donate with my credit card, but the form rejects my Zip code in Japan. I couldn’t figure out what code will be accepted even though I’ve tried several times.

    I just wanted to give you a beer for tonight to say thank you for responding my post.

    • Hm, it looks like PayPal has some problems with personal checking accounts, per Wikipedia: “In late March 2010, new Japanese banking regulations forced PayPal Japan to suspend the ability of personal account holders registered in Japan from sending or receiving money between individuals and as a result are now subject to PayPal’s business fees on all transactions”

      Not sure what’s wrong with credit cards transactions, but don’t worry about, I appreciate the thought. Donate a couple bucks to some cause protecting animals next time you come across one. I love cats and hate seeing them neglected on the streets.

      And also, thank you for your constructive feedback, it all works towards making a better plugin for the community.

  6. Can any one tell me the shortcode or php code for getting the Register Plus Redux in my wordpress page pls……………………..

    • There is no method in place to embed the registration page into your site via Redux. There are other plugins that can do this, and Redux has a varying level of compatibility. Unfortunately I have no recommendations at this time.

  7. About Redux

    I am starting up a massive startups / entrepreneurial wiki and I am going to be listing your plugin. It is amazing. I hope you end up getting a lot of money / work out of it. It is an excellent plugin. There are a few modifications I would love to see done however.

    * Give the option to sort all the non-required fields sorted to the bottom of the registration page.
    * Make it so that it has 2 or 3 columns or give the option to do so. I ended up with a single column long form lol.
    * Use ajax for dynamically adding in new custom fields.

    BTW this whole thing was way more genius than I had hoped for in the first place. I thought I would have to get a premium plugin for the amount of awesome this plugin provides. I am currently broke, as in 0 dollars in the ‘ol bank account, but if I wasn’t broke, I would be donating some cash to this.

    So anyhow, I will be adding you to the wiki and you are probably going to get a stupendous amount of visitors getting your plugin from now on. It might be a few months from now but it will happen. Good job you two awesome people. The link to the site is in the website field. I didn’t want to come across as a huge spammer cause I’m not lol.

    • I’m not remotely interested in coding your second request, and once I fix letting you put any field anywhere (which overlaps with your first request) columns can be emulated via CSS and floating elements, so I can’t say I ever see that second request getting done.

      As for the first I am engaged in a concept to resolve that, I just don’t have the time or energy I’d like to devote to that.

      Finally, your third request would be great, but again, time and energy permit me only a few hours a month to devote to the plugin, so that is probably a ways off. I know the current method is clunky, but it works so, for the time being it’s probably all I have to offer.

      Regardless, I appreciate your feedback and wish you the best in your endeavors.

      • Completely understand. Thank you for replying. I will still be adding your tools to my elite plugins list. Thank you for the opportunity to use your fantastic products. I wish you well in your endeavors as well.

  8. Hi, Radiok,

    Your Register Plus Redux is great !
    I like it very much !
    How can we add fields for image and file uploading ?
    Now, we can see “Datepicker” only.

    If you can help, I will donate to your work for sure.

    Peter Song

  9. Hey radiok,

    great plugin your register-plus-redux plugin. I`ve a little problem when installing on multisite. I enabled over network, but when i want to go on plugin page to options (Einstellungen) than i got the message that i am not authorezized to do anything. I dont come to the feature where i can upload my own log etc. I did this with my user account as Super Administrator. Do you have any idea – whats the problem.

    thanx oliver

  10. Hey radiok,

    Man, sweet pluggin and I’ll definitely be donating if I get this site running because a lot of what I’m doing revolves around a good registration process.
    On the registration form, where the user inputs their email address, I need to add some custom text so that instead of saying just “email” I need user to be using an “official business email” address as another way of verifying legitimate users. Can I just add some text to a certain part of the code under ‘edit’ in the plugins page?



  11. Hi RadioK,

    Any plans on updating the plug-in to WP 4.2.2.?

    As I’m sure you know, because of all the security issues lately its really important to have all plug-ins compatible with the latest version of WP.

    Thanks for your reply.


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