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  1. I concur, I had the same issue with Maintenance Mode; it sent an email even though I told RPR not to.

    Another thing I noticed:

    I have Simple:press forum set up, and I think it’s causing a math anti-spam question to show up on the registration page (even though I tell it not to). How can I help you trouble-shoot (though it’s not a big deal!)

    Another issue: your fields are not translated into French, even though my WP install is French.

  2. Hi
    I have another plugin new user conflict, I’m afraid. The plugin is “Login with Ajax”.
    I have sent him the link to the “Maintenance Mode” plugin in case it’s something similar.
    Hope you can point me/him in the right direction… Redux is way cool!


    • Ken, I have finally implemented a registration redirect. Version 3.7.2 has an optional Registration Redirect option in which you can specify any URL on your domain. So, you may just link to your homepage, or maybe you want to make a special page welcoming the user or whatever.

  3. What is the process to track this down? I’m seeing the same thing and I’m wondering if some custom work I had done added this problem. I started seeing an issue when I installed Peter’s Login Redirect but I’ve disabled that now.



  4. Hey, I too have the problem with the conflicting Login with Ajax, would there be anyway you could solve this? Wanted to fix the problem soon as I’m expecting a flood of new users 😀


  5. Hey everyone, I’ve looked into Login with Ajax, I think your problems run deeper than just bad behavior on that plugin’s part. It also modifies the message sent out by the system (as does Redux). I can’t see a way to remedy this, you must choose between one plugin or the other unfortunately. I would say, well, I’ll let you add fields and just not modify the message, but, that hook where the message is modified is the only good hook I have to insert the added fields data into the database. So, there’s really no way to avoid that hook, regardless of whether I modify the message going out.

  6. I maintain Login With Ajax, someone pointed me to this on the plugin forums. Just to let you know, I’ve updated the plugin so you can disable user notifications on the lwa settings page which will not take control of the wp_new_user_notification function. Haven’t tested but looks like it should work, and your plugin compliments the plugin very nicely now!

    To be fair though, whilst this is bad behaviour to take over a pluggable function (although I don’t think there’s another way in this case), yours does exactly the same thing :) . It’s just that my plugin is loaded first alphabetically and therefore your function is never created. Maybe you could do the same on your plugin and add a disable notification feature?

    • Marcus, I mistakenly interpreted your pluggable.php as the full pluggable.php, in reality, your plugin does not break anything, it was just a simple conflict. Sorry for the harsh rhetoric. Thank you for making your custom message disable-able? Regardless, I’m glad our plugins can work together, thank you, and again, sorry for jumping to conclusions.

      • now that would be really bad behaviour :)

        no worries, this looks like a great plugin that hopefully plays nice with LWA now (haven’t had a chance to fully test, but seems to work well!)

  7. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the fast updates! Where can I find this updated Login with Ajax then? I have just received an update for Register Plus Redux but not Login with Ajax.

    Thanks again!

    • there seems to be an issue with wordpress svn (might have been me, but I know for a fact they had issues a week or two ago). You can download the development version manually on the site. I’m going to commit version version 3.0 so maybe that’ll set things right.

  8. Hey, it worked! Even though I couldn’t find the option all is well now!

    How can I change what the Login with Ajax plugin says though? Currently it says ‘a password will be emailed to you’ and ‘please check your email’

    • I’ll answer this here, but future questions are probably best off on the forum, as I don’t want to hijack this post!

      Actually, no new option buttons were added, now if you don’t enable user notifications in LWA, it won’t load the function causing the conflict. If you unchecked it previously, this will automatically come into effect (hence you not having to do anything :) )

      PS. to those having issues upgrading with 404 errors, this is a wordpress.org issue which they are working on. out of my hands.

  9. Radiok, Marcus,

    YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you for addressing my concern and talking with each other and figuring things out! It’s refreshing to see people talking “to” and not “at” each other and not getting defensive about someone commenting on their code!

    I have put in my updates and things work as advertised! I love the combination of your two plugins. It makes a great registration and login user experience.

    Once I get paid for the site, you both get contributions!

    Many thanks again!


  10. Amazing plugin.

    I’ve inserted the %user_password% tag in my admin notification emails. But it displays blank. I’d like to be able to see the user’s posts and possibly edit them. Is this a privacy feature you added?? not sure.


      • I’ve been fiddling with the register-plus-redux.php file, thinking that maybe I could turn off that privacy feature, but to no avail. I’m wondering if you could point me in the right direction? I basically need to be able to help users edit their own posts, but I can’t login to their account without their password. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

        Once again, this plugin saved my life!!!

  11. I’m having the conflict with Events Calendar. I’ve tried lots of plugins trying to get just the right combination for a neighborhood site and hope you can help me resolve this. I’ll also contact the Events Calendar developer, because his plug in conflicts in the same way with Pie Register.

    • The problem with Events Calendar is on line 79 of events-calendar.php, require_once(ABSPATH.'wp-includes/pluggable.php');. I’d have to look into this a bit to see why the creator decided to load pluggable, I can assume there is some function they needed that wasn’t created yet. I’m sure the timing of the plugin could be changed to resolve that issue and let us delete the offending line, but it’s a pain to figure out since I’m not familiar with the plugin. I’ll try to get to the bottom of this, but ultimately the original developer will need to resolve this issue.

  12. +1 events calendar

    Plugin is fantastic, I am still thinking what plugin (register or calendar) I am gonna deactivate :)

    If you find path for Events Calendar, please post it here.

    Keep doing nice work

  13. If this is the right place to ask the question then help me out,
    i am using your plugin(Register Plus Redux) for registration purpose,
    i just want to ask that the details which the user is inserting during the registration like contact no, alternate email ID etc, where it gets stored?
    Cause i want to export that contact details, for some other work,
    how can i do that???

    • Niraj, this is as good a place as any to ask. Anyway, the data is stored in the WordPress database’s wp_user_meta table. I recommend trying out AmR Users to export the information, that is if you are trying to get it in a CSV or Excel file or something. It’s pretty tricky to start using, you’ll need to go to Configure User Settings once you have AmR installed and click Rebuild List of Possible Fields, that will have AmR figure out all the custom fields you’ve added via Redux. Once you have that you could edit one of the existing user lists, or create a new one and select which fields you want on your report and what order you want them. It’s all very detailed, but complex, but also, and most importantly, complete. Good luck!

      • thanks for your reply,
        what i want is to remove these following info within a single click,
        Username, email ID, Phone No, Address
        but in an excel sheet,
        i tried, AMR users plugin, but not able to make it,
        by any code, can i do it???

        • Niraj, when you go to User List Settings Nice Names page, do you see the fields you are looking for? If not, you must click “Rebuild List of Possible Fields”. Once that is done you should see the fields are you are looking for listed, like Phone No, and Address. Now you can select “User Details” from the drop down at the top of the page and click “Configure.” User name and Email should already have a Display Order. To remove fields you do not want, blank out their Display Order, to add fields enter a Display Order. So you should find Phone No and enter a Display Order, etc. Once you have all your fields setup correctly, press the “Update” button to save your changes. Now click on the “Rebuild Cache Now” link, I would then select “Rebuild in realtime” so that you can have your results immediately. Once that’s done you can click “View Report” and you can click on “CSV Export” to create an Excel compatible file.

          • Hey thanks, i found it,
            i need one more help, actually i am searching for a plugin, a twitter plugin,
            i have a mba institute info website,
            i have around 1000 institute description from all over the world,
            now what i want is that,
            almost every institute has a twitter account,
            so i want to fetch all the tweets of corresponding university to my post
            for eg.
            i have two post of Insead Buisness school and Denver College
            now after the post content of insead, i want the tweets of insead twitter account, and same for denver, but denver will be having tweets of denver twitter account
            Is there any plugin for this?

          • niraj, I am not familiar with any Twitter plugins, sorry. I do not keep up with other plugins very well, unless people are telling me they do not work with Redux!

  14. Hello!

    I recently downloaded Register Plus Redux and I’m having a problem with the Additional Fields section. I’m not able to fill in the “Options” field with my option choices when I’ve selected radio or checkbox for my question type. The “Options” field is grayed out and I can’t type anything in there. I’m new to wordpress, pluggins and everything technical, so I’m hoping this in an easy fix. I’d just hate to give up on it because this pluggin seems like its exactly what I’m looking for. How can I fix this?

      • Hi radiok,

        I am using internet explorer and the plus/minus buttons are working. The fields are added, but the “Options” field is still grayed.

        • Hmm… the plus/minus buttons use javascript, as does the Options field, so that’s weird one works and not the other. What version of IE are you using? I’m want to try and isolate this problem using the same version as you.

  15. Hi again,
    Redux is still working fine for me, but I have a couple of requests..

    I am doing the email verification and although Redux is set to send via HTML, the verification link is not clickable, it’s plain text. Can it be made clickable?

    My other request is that when someone *does” click or enter the verification link in a browser that they *NOT* be taken to the WordPress login page, but rather be directed to the “member” login page — In my case, the site’s front page.

    Those two additions would be killer!!!


    • Ken, you should be able to fix the first request yourself by editing your custom message. Right now I assume it has %verification_link% somewhere. If you changed that to <a href="%verification_link%">%verification_link%</a> your email client should turn that into a nice little link. As for your second request, I’m working on that right now, but, in the meantime, you could use Peter’s Login Redirect for the time being.

      • Hi!
        Thanks for the info for making it a clickable link… I hate it when it’s a “DUH!”

        Re the Login Redirect… Actually the problem isn’t the redirect after logging in (the Login with Ajax plugin handles that nicely). What I was referring to was that the verification link takes you to the WordPress login page (wp-login.php) and I want the link to to take the user to the site’s home page so that they can login from there. (once they receive their password in the email generated from clicking the verification link)
        From what I can see Peter’s Login Redirect only redirects *after* logging in.

        Any clue?

        • Fantastic Plugin.

          Even i want what Ken has been asking.

          Can you please update or give an alternate solution so wordpress login page is not seen.



          • I don’t know of any alternate solution off the top of my head. Maybe some jQuery hack but even then nothing particular comes to mind.

  16. Not a conflict per se, but the fact that you’re setting the password for the new user in this function, does not allow me to autologin the user after registration using wp_set_auth_cookie.

    Any reason this was done this way?

    • Avi, with 3.7 I’ve moved setting the password to the user_register hook, I’m not sure that helps with autologin, but that’s really the first place I can set the password.

  17. I like RPRedux. That said, when installed I had problems and having trouble figuring them out. I installe RPR on top of Cimy Extra Fields and Login with Ajax. Didn’t like how the Extra Fields displayed on the LWA Register so deactivated CEF (still have an issue with residual fields and a page title). Now registration does not work via the LWA window; it hangs and does not register. Registration works fine elsewhere. I tried to deactivate then activate LWA to no avail. As it was working fine with CEF before I installed RPR, and seeing the issues addressed in this thread, I thought I would start here. The extra field (select field) and settings from RPR show in the LWA window. I am kind of at a loss where to go. I like the function of RPR but also like the appearance and ease of use that LWA offers.

  18. Hi there, I found your plugin because I want my users to be able to sign up without having to view a activation email (because way to many users are complaining that their email is not being sent) Everything works great, I go to create a test account with the plugin activated, it registers the user, and and email is sent. From my dashboard I can see that new users “test” was created, but when I go to login as test, I get a blank page …/profile.php and because the redirect is never completed the browser does not continue the login process.

    The plugin is disabled on my site for now, but I would love to find out how to fix this issue. Only other plugin I know that could be of conflict is my wp-united plugin that connects my wordpress install and phpbb install together so my users share a single account and password.

  19. Hi ,
    I found a solution for this conflict issue .
    http://www.vetrib2w.in/2011/01/04/wp_new_user_notification-conflicts-issue-solution-fix .
    I have posted here on Nov 30 and I didn’t get any reply. So,I dig into the files and I got the fix by myself.
    I hope it will be useful for others too.So I posted the answer here.
    http://www.vetrib2w.in/2011/01/04/wp_new_user_notification-conflicts-issue-solution-fix .

    vetri says:
    November 30, 2010 at 7:29 am
    +2 for the wp event calandar.
    I have conflict with this module.Please post me some help if anybody have to fix this.

  20. Hi ,
    I have found the solution for this wordpress register plus and event calendar issue.
    I hope this will help you people .
    I can’t able to append my site link here .Click my name and you will redirect to my website to get the answer.
    www DOT vetrib2w DOT in.

    I hope they will allow this post .

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  22. Hi there,
    I just wanted to report the following issue I’m experiencing, could be isolated to my case only or not.
    I created a custom field with the Dropdown menu option:
    Gender: Male,Female

    During the user form registration process, it doesnt validate this field at all, and it seems to allow the registration to go through given the option Male was selected by default.

    Is this really how its supposed to be or is it a bug?

  23. Hi, installed the Register ‘Plus redux export users’ after installing your plugin and your plugin stopped working. Deactivated the aforementioned plugin and yours started working again.

    • Been struggling with getting this plugin to work as well. Saw your post, deactivated Plus redux export, and presto!
      Everything works , except Plus redux export of course.

  24. Hi,
    Events Calender + 6.2
    I see from the above that there seems to be a fix for the Events Calender clash. Has anyone else managed this fix successfully using this? Is there an official fix yet?

    I love this plug in but I need the events in place – no option there.


    • I have used the fix. It seems to work good for me.

      I also would like to see an official fix. My concern is that this work around will need to be re-performed after each WordPress update.

      • I can confirm that Vetrivel’s fix for the conflict with Event Calendar does in fact work.

        Regarding the break after updating WordPress: simply keep a backup of the altered files and overwrite any new files after an update is performed. It’s an easy temporary fix for people like me who require both Register Plus and the calendar.

        Thanks Vetrivel!

  25. Hi –

    As others already have, let me thank you for a great plugin. My issue is that while the user fills out all the information when registering, that information is not transferred over to their profile.

    I must acknowledge that I am not familiar with queries and I saw the notice about “auto-complete queries” but could I get further clarification as to how that is implemented.

    My main concern/issue is to have this information transfer over in order to properly approve any potential user.

    The site in question is http://nyszetas.org/.


  26. Looks like MailPress also conflicts. It doesn’t moderate anymore and the emails are sent automatically instead of waiting for the moderation.

    I would like to send the emails through MailPress as I can send it out the new users emails with the same templates as all the other emails I’ll be sending. Also, MailPress allows me to edit the Lost Password and Password Reset emails which was one of the reasons I’m using MailPress.

    Any idea how I can troubleshoot this?

  27. Dear;

    I have a very big website.

    I activated a plugin named “WP Better Emails” .
    Redux shows error as its CONFLICTING.

    I removed, deactivated did all things “WP Better Emails” but Redux is still shows error and I can not change any settings of Redux. When i click save button, blank page appears.

    Please help me, I can pay money if you want.
    Thank you

  28. I installed your plugin and it worked fine then I installed Login with Ajax which gave me the error and provided me with this link. I have the newest version taken directly from the wordpress site I believe. How do I fix this error? Also might want to update hte post with the directions on how to fix the issues and removed the crossed out text if I am correct.

    Any way…Thanks for the awesome plugin.

  29. I get this error message with Register Plus redux export users

    “There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user”

  30. We are using a combination of Register Plus Redux and AutoChimp on this site to allow members to register and be added to our MailChimp autoresponder. However, right now, people are having trouble registering and logging into my site.

    At the top of the settings for Register Plus Redux, we get this message:

    “There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user. Please refer to http://radiok.info/blog/wp_new_user_notification-conflicts/ for help resolving this issue.”

    There is a message on the bottom of AutoChimp that reads:

    “You are using Register Plus Redux which has a known issue preventing first and last name being synchronized with MailChimp. AutoChimp can fix this.

    ” Patch Register Plus Redux and sync first/last name with your selected mailing list. Recommended ON. Note: You must enable “Require new users enter a password during registration…” in your Register Plus Redux options in order for the AutoChimp patch to work.”

    We have not used the Patch Register Plus Redux option on MailChimp. Is this what we need to do in order to get the system working again?

    If not, would you be willing to help us get this resolved?

    Thanks for your help!

    Gina Gaudio-Graves (Dean & Founder, DirectionsU.com & “The JV Queen”) and
    Veronica Tilden (Founder, FocusOnVibrantHealth.com)

  31. Hi,

    I am also getting the ‘wp_new_user_notification’ conflict error when trying to use Register Plus Redux Export Users with Register Plus Redux.

    I am using Register Plus Redux v3.7.3 and the error disappears when I deactivate Register Plus Redux Export Users, but this means that user data with extra fields cannot be exported. Does anyone know how i can rectify this problem?



  32. I also had a conflict between Register Plus Redux and BFT light 1.4.1. (autoresponder). When i disabled the BFT plugin the conflict was gone.

    I will find a replacement for the BFT light autoresponder later when i have all the settings for the Register Plus Redux correct.

    Thanks for the plugin and have a good day!

  33. When users login they are automatically directed to the profile dashboard. How can I change this?

    As I understand it the redirect you have included only works with the newly registered – a registration redirect.

    How can I do a login redirect?

  34. i have both Events Calendar and Register Plus Redux installed – but no problems :)

    just massage in settings of Register Plus Redux (and link here)

  35. Hi- Maybe I’m missing the solution on this page. I’ve set the plugin to allow users to create their own password, which works, but WordPress still sends them a long, auto-generated password via email. How do I disable the auto-password from WordPress? This is the error msg I’m getting in the back end.

    “There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user. Please refer to http://radiok.info/blog/wp_new_user_notification-conflicts/ for help resolving this issue.”

  36. I’m having issues with Theme My Login also. Does anyone know another solution for completely avoiding the WP login page without using Theme My Login?

  37. I’m having issues with my Register Plus Redux plugin with new users. When I go into the plugin’s settings, I see a notice that there is another plugin interfering with the wp_new_user_notification. I deactivated the plugins that were mentioned above, The Events Calendar and the TDO Mini Form and still it is showing the notice that there is a plugin that is interrupting the new user process.

  38. Hello Radiok,

    I am building a new WP 3.1.3 site and using your “Register Plus Redux v3.7.3” plugin along with “SimpleModal Login v1.0.4” by Eric Martin and I am running into some problems:

    1) While I get an initial admin email notifying me of a new user registration (temporary account), no email goes out to the user email, with the activation link!

    2) Manually attempting to “Send verification to selected users” in the Users / Unverified Users section has NO effect. I tried multiple users each with separate good addresses, still nothing! The “Verification Sent” column shows current dates as if it was sent….

    My activated settings for Register Plus Redux are as follows:

    Email Verification – check!
    Custom New User Message – enabled!
    Custom Verification Message – enabled!
    Custom Admin Notification – enabled!

    Any ideas of what is going on?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Guess what? It is embarrassing but the problem was due to Gmail and Yahoo, not my system or your plugin. It took forever to receive the emails in Yahoo and still nothing in Gmail, but at least I know your plugin is sending emails out. Gmail must not be liking them, as my system logs shows a receipt confirmation from Gmail, yet Gmail is not showing any of them, not even in junk….

      One final question:

      Is there any way to stop the “initial” email going out to admin notifying them of the “pre-registration” of a user? Instead it would make more sense to have an admin email sent only AFTER the new user has validated their email and activated their account! Is that possible?

      My thanks!


  39. Has anyone figured out how to resolve this with Mingle plugin installed???
    I can’t uninstall Mingle now! But love Redux too! :( Please help anyone who can!

  40. There is a plugin called “Register Plus Redux export users” that creates a new user notification error. Disabling the plugin fixes the issue.

  41. MailPress is creating the following:

    There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user. Please refer to http://radiok.info/blog/wp_new_user_notification-conflicts/ for help resolving this issue.

    This happens with or without any of the add-ons turned on..

    Any thoughts?

  42. I just discovered a conflict with the Better WP Security v2.4

    If you activate the option “Display random version number to all non-administrative users” under System Tweaks, then the plugin will pluggable.php and cause a conflict. De-activating the option will resolve the conflict.

  43. The plugin “Auto Prune Posts” by Ramon Vinken is also requiring the pluggable.php from an is_admin() function. Line 101 in the file mijnpress_plugin_framework.php

  44. I have a problem with Register Plus Redux, once a user is validated he/she sometimes receives a second email with an empty login and another password. At the same time if I check the user ID, it has been reset to an empty string !! Not sure if this is what you refer to as wp_new_user_notification ? I’m not using any of the above mentionned plugin…

    I have made a quick search into the code of my WP site and found out that Better WordPress Security is also calling for pluggable.php. Although this is located in a functionnality that I’m not using (generate a random WP version number)… I’m quite confused…

    Thanks for any comment or idea,

    • I’m looking for this plugin, but it was removed from wordpress.org. Can anyone upload it and send it to me?

  45. Hello everyone,
    I am facing registration problem,
    Whenever i register a new user the user is registered as i can see the name of that user in list of users but a error page opens after submiting the button, on the setting page of Register Plus Redux i can see this notice

    There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user. Please refer to http://radiok.info/blog/wp_new_user_notification-conflicts/ for help resolving this issue.

    i am using the following plugins

    akismet (deactivated)
    Blogger Importer
    Category Order
    Configurable Tag cloud
    Fast Secure contact form
    latest tweets (Deactivated)
    Maintenance Mode
    Really simple captcha
    Register Plus Redux
    Rich Widget
    Sidebar Login
    Social Profiles Widget
    User to CSV
    Wordpress datbase backup
    WP Pending Post Notifier Plus
    WP to Twitter (deactivated)

    Please tell me which plugin to deactivate or what code to alter.. ITS VERY URJENT

    Thanks in advance

  46. I’ve found something that will help you and does not require all other plugin authors (such as me) to NOT use pluggable.php (as it will be included anyway after all plugins are loaded, but does not redefine functions such as the user notification function).
    I for one need the pluggable.php to handle user permissions.

    Here we go:

    This is settings.php which comes shipped in WP Core:
    // Load active plugins.
    foreach ( wp_get_active_and_valid_plugins() as $plugin )
    include_once( $plugin );
    unset( $plugin );

    // Load pluggable functions.
    require( ABSPATH . WPINC . '/pluggable.php' );

    What you (!) need to do is make sure your plugin is loaded FIRST;
    which is a matter of investigating this array: $active_plugins = (array) get_option( ‘active_plugins’, array() );
    from the function wp_get_active_and_valid_plugins() in wp-includes/load.php
    This is not black magic, I know it can be done :)

    • Ramon, that could be done, but it’s not high on my list of priorities at this time. My gut feeling is that I don’t want to play with the load order, I’d rather let WordPress do it’s own thing. I don’t want to sound high and mighty, but I ran into a problem where I believed I needed to load pluggable and eventually found a way to move my code further down the page life cycle to avoid loading pluggable.php. So my feelings are that I’m messing with the load order to fix other people’s problems. I’m sure that’s not the whole of it and that there are valid reasons plugin developers have found that require them to load pluggable.php, but until I am presented with a case like that, I’m going to maintain my position. Which isn’t to say your idea is bad, I’m thinking I’d like to implement that as a “workaround” that can be toggled on from with Redux’s settings. Not the default behavior, but an option to get Redux to play nice. But as I said, I have a few more pressing problems right now, first being date fields not being respected, and second ensuring Redux is properly working with WordPress Multisite. From my experience it is working, but I haven’t done enough testing to ensure 100% compatibility and there are still a few features, customized messages for one, that aren’t working under WordPress MS.

  47. I’ve set up a custom registrations form http://style-card.co.uk/id/login/?action=register
    but when a user registers, only the username and email are input and the other fields are missing.

    I have an “There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user. Please refer to radiok.info for help resolving this issue.” error message not sure if this is the issue?

    The plugins I have installed are:
    Custom Contact Forms
    Custom Post Type Archives
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    Jetpack by WordPress.com
    Mini twitter feed
    Page in Widget
    Post Tags and Archives
    Register Plus Redux
    Register Plus redux export users
    Revolution Slider
    Rotating Tweets (Twitter widget & shortcode)
    Simple Local Avatars
    Super Simple Contact Form
    Theme My Login
    Twitter Plugin
    Twitter real time search scrolling
    Twitter Widget Pro
    Widget Context
    WordPress Importer
    WordPress SEO
    WPBakery Visual Composer
    WP Realtime Sitemap

    Any help much appreciated!
    Thank you!

    • And I have checked the box to have no username.

      It seems the default WP login is superceding – how do i turn this off? or an i missing something?

      Thank you!

    • Hi – so having gone through everything – it seems the fields are not linking to the wp_usermeat database – it works fine when changing the fields through the WordPress back-end.

      Therefore any help on connecting the form to the database most appreciated. I’m having difficulty in finding the file location of the form, in order to check the coding.

      Thank you!

  48. quick question, and I apologize in advance if it has been addressed already and I missed it.
    I have the register plus redux installed and so far its great :)
    BUT is there a way to change the text at the top ‘Register for this site’ and the bottom ‘A password will be emailed to you’. ?
    Users are not being asked for a password and won’t be sent one and I am afraid ppl will gt confused.
    Thnx in advance!

  49. What exactly is the nature of the conflict beween Register Redux and Mingle? I have been using both for some time and have never noticed any issues. I now have a conflict message on my dashboard but I have since done a test registration via my forum and everything appears to work fine.

    • Mingle may work better now, this post has been updated in a long, long time. But previous Mingle had been calling pluggable.php out of sequence. If you aren’t experiencing any problems I’ll update this listing.

  50. Hello Sir,

    Getting same error, There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user.

    I have simple modal login installed. How to resolve this error. Please help.
    Strange but no solution for this problem in forums.


  51. Your Register Plus Redux now conflicts with NextGenGallery

    NextGen is probably one of THE MOST popular plugins available for WP.

    If you could please adjust your load order, and force WP to load your plugin first, that would resolve most of these issues that are created by other coders not coding their own plugin’s load orders in a clean fashion, and avoid loading pluggable.php.

    Thank you.

  52. Latest (2.0.7) version of the ultra-popular NextGen Gallery plug in by Photocrati causes the “There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux” warning to popup.

  53. Hello! Just received the wp_new_user_notification error sometime after upgrading to WordPress 3.6 It goes away when I deactivate the NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati version 2.0.7 which was updated on Aug 9, 2013. I notice that it states it needs 3.6 or higher on it’s wordpress download page

  54. “There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user. Please refer to radiok.info for help resolving this issue.”

    This error with nextgen gallery (latest version)

  55. Just found that the latest NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati Version 2.0.11 conflicts with Register Plus Redux Version 3.9.10. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function. What is your recommendation to resolve this?

  56. Hi there…

    I just want let you know that I got a new one: issue and conflict also with nextgen gallery plugin

  57. I have just taken over a site which has this plugin. I received the conflict message when I installed NextGen Gallery. Any solution for this?

  58. I am suddenly having a conflict with Next Gen Gallery… I have the latest version of both plguins.

    When I disable it I do not get the message that brought me to this side.

  59. Hi! :)

    I have an: “There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user. Please refer to radiok.info for help resolving this issue.” error message.

    The plugins I have activated are:
    – Advanced Audiboo embed placement
    – Amikelive Google Adsense Widget
    – Antispam Bee
    – CIZA Vodafone contextlinks
    – Disqus Comment System
    – DoFollow
    – Easy AdSense
    – Embed Iframe
    – iTunes Charts Affiliate Widget
    – Jetpack from WordPress.com
    – Lightbox 2
    – HTML5 Audio and Video
    – NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati
    – No Self Pings
    – plista
    – Post-Plugin Library
    – PXS-Mail Form
    – Redirection
    – Register Plus Redux
    – shareifyoulike
    – Sociable for WordPress 3.0
    – Social Metrics
    – Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
    – Wordbooker
    – WordPress Download Monitor
    – WordPress Google +1 Button – Advanced Plugin, Includes Redirection
    – WordPress SEO
    – WP-Appbox
    – WP-CleanUmlauts2
    – WP-Memory-Usage auswählen
    – WP-reCAPTCHA
    – WP CleanFix
    – WP Lightbox 2
    – WP maintance modus
    – WP to Twitter
    – WPtouch Pro
    – WP Tweet Button
    – WP YouTube Player
    – XML Sitemap & Google News Feeds

    Any help much appreciated! :)


  60. Just sharing: I had the same problem, and it was comming from NextGen gallery. Since i didn’t use it anyway, i just disabled it. Hope this helps.

  61. Hi,
    I have a conflict with NextGen Gallery, 2.0.17, and Redux, 3.9. I am using WP 3.6 and I got the following message as soon as I activated NextGen:
    “The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user.”

    Can anyone advise how I might fix this conflict please?

  62. I am using WP version 3.6.1 and the following plugins:
    Add To Facebook
    AStickyPostOrderER Show Sticky
    Category Page Extender
    Date Exclusion SEO
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati
    SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam
    TinyMCE Advanced
    Visitor Maps and Who’s Online

    I get the famous “There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user. Please refer to radiok.info for help resolving this issue.”

    But I could not find any conflict. I persisted for a while but now I get a completely white screen when I enter admin. As soon as I delete the Register Plus Redux plugin files from the server I can get back in. I have tried reinstalling and deleting via WP but if I try to reinstall and activate the plugin the same thing happens. I suspect some residue config file or database entry remains.

    In any case I suspect a problem with WP version 3.6.1 which is a shame as I really like the plugin.

  63. I am getting “There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux.” whenever I activate NextGEN Gallery by Photocrati.

  64. Hi,
    I have two issues.
    1. There is another plugin that causes named conflict. I was using Forum Restrict and had to turn it off to use RPR. Any ideas to solve this one?
    2. Add Field button does not work (nothing happens). What are prerequisites to make it run?

    I use WP 3.7.1., RPR 3.9.10 and Forum Restrict 1.4

  65. Hi,
    I’m currently running WordPress 3.8 and experiencing a compatibility issue with your plugin Register Plus Redux it is showing the following error :-

    “There is another active plugin that is conflicting with Register Plus Redux. The conflicting plugin is creating its own wp_new_user_notification function, this function is used to alter the messages sent out following the creation of a new user. Please refer to radiok.info for help resolving this issue.”

    I have the following other plugins installed, however none are currently listed on your incompatibility list although I suspect it may be the WP SMTP plugin, I am loathed to test it on my active site as it is required to send any emails, please can you help.

    classyfrieds Version 3.8
    Avatar Version 0.1.3
    bbPress Version 2.5.3
    Document Gallery Version 1.4.3
    Email Users Version 4.6.2
    Forum Restrict Version 1.4
    Quick Chat Version 1.1.1
    Quick Count Version 4.13
    Quick Flag Version 3.00
    Register Plus Redux Version 2.11
    TimeZoneCalculator Version 3.9.10
    User Groups Version 3.00
    User Time Zone Version 2.0
    WordPress Access Control Version 4.0.8
    WP Approve User Version 2.3
    WP Fastest Cache Version
    WP Last Login Version 1.2.1
    WP SMTP Version 1.1.6
    WP TimeZone Version 1.3

  66. I had the same conflict error message, but it turned out to be the “Find and replace” plugin that was causing it… Which is weird, because I can’t imagine what that plugin has to do with sending registration emails.

    I had assumed it would be my membership plugin, but luckily it was not. I have no problem deactivating “Find and replace” in order to solve the issue, but it would have been impossible for me to get rid of my membership plugin.

    So “Yay for me!”

    …And add “Find and replace” to the known conflict list…

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