13 comments on “WordPress Multisite Activation and its Illogical Disregard for Plugins

  1. A very nice and useful plugin. Thanks a lot. I have specially chosen for RPRx because I read in the changelog :

    “2.0 – April 20, 2008 by Skullbit
    Added ability to ignore duplicate email registrations”

    Is it still available? How can I activate the option to ignore duplicate emailadresses?

  2. Hi, ‘found your very useful plugin and tried to run it under WP Multisite (3.5.1) on a subdomain blog. When I tested a new user registration from the WP-Login screen it automatically redirects to the main blog’s registration page but without being affected by this plugin.

    So, I couldn’t give the plugin a try. Do I have to do other things to ensure there’s no redirect to the main blog?

    Thanks Mats

  3. Hey Mats,was Register Plus Redux network activated? That shouldn’t affect anything I’d just like to know. I’m not really sure what the problem is either way though. Redux only adds fields, it doesn’t attempt to alter what page the user is sent to. I’d be interested to step through your problems in more detail if you want to email me your web address so that I can check out the signup page with and without Redux activated. You can email me at radiok at radiok.info

  4. Before I explain my problem to you, I apologize for my basic vocabulary. English is not my native language. I have the same problem as Mats. For your excellent and helpful for me appearing plugin that I have installed today for my wordpress network site, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you.
    My work environment:
    WordPress is also with me since the beginning of the year as a network on a server hosted externally. I have only one top level domain. Including four subdomains are logged. So far, no major problems have surfaced. Your plugin is enabled for the entire network, to work temporarily but only for one particular subdomain. Some additional fields I filled out for my needs and are turned on. The switch for the default style rules (default wordpress styling to all fields) is off. The style rules I have taken after your specifications. Otherwise I have nothing changed.
    My problem:
    In my tests, I found the same behavior as Mats: The implemented in wordpress registration page appears without further content on the TLD. And not, as originally expected, the specific subdomain on which to register a new user.

    I hope you can understand my bumpy expressive example.

    And I hope you can give me to solve the problem some help. Many thanks in advance for your trouble.

  5. Hi there,
    I downloaded this plugin, but I’m afraid I’m having difficulty figuring out how to use it on my site. Is it widgetized? Also, can it be used with BuddyPress? If so, what’s the best way to deal with the extreme spam registration issues I’ve read about (and experienced)?

    Thanks in advance.


  6. RadioK,

    This is a beautiful plug in and your plain English notes and comments are a welcome relief. This is my first attempt at a website, so I may be asking for the moon and not even knowing it. I really like the ability to add fields, and would like to use a User Type field to direct our two different types of visitors to a different and more appropriate page after registration (and log on – but I expect that’s a different animal). I see that I can choose to redirect them, but can I redirect my Artists to one page and my Collectors to a different page? One of the items the new fields that I’d create for just the Artists would be the Type of Art that they create. So I’m also wondering if that can be differentiated.

    Thanks again!

  7. The Register Plus Redux plugin would be simply amazing if it worked with BuddyPress. Unfortunately I cannot seem to get both to play fair, so it’s one or the other – but I need the functionality and style of both, together.

  8. This plugin in persian language has a problem.
    For accept the password, wright accept E-mail. this has a problem with Iranian.
    Please Solve this problem.

  9. Hi RadioK,

    Im using RPR and want to save only specific custom fields in a different table in the database. can you help me with this?


  10. Hello my English is not good, i want to know how can active register plus redex, thank you. i am using in my web page, but i have to come here and ask, about some info, register or something. what i have to do?
    Thank you.

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