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  1. Hi and thanks.

    I have just installed this plugin and have an error message on trying to register. Can you tell me what is wrong?

    Fatal error: Call to a member function fnSanitizeFieldName() on a non-object in /home/kemi/public_html/HMBCA.CA/wp-content/plugins/register-plus-redux/register-plus-redux.php on line 1536

  2. Hi,

    you’ve been doing a great job, but the latest update (3.6.10) broke the plugin for me. Now when a user register, it just takes them to a blank white screen instead of back to the login page.

    • Andre, to be honest, I’m not really sure! I’ll have to setup a test site with BuddyPress and see how it works, I don’t know how it modifies the user creation process. I thought BuddyPress has a way to add more fields to the profile by default?

  3. Hello, i would like to say that this plugin is amazing, but i need to know something. I want to export the users details. But every pluging that i install to make it possible, dont export the additional information that is where are the additionals fields. I want to know how i can export it, or where Register plus redux save the information, i took a look at myphp admin but i didnt found the table with the information.


    • Ibsen, the additional fields are stored in the wp_usermeta table, the field name would be the meta_key, and the field value would be the meta_value. I can see why some plugins might not export this information. Perhaps if there is one that you particularly like I can get in contact with the plugin developer to have Redux compatibility added.

      • Oh thx for the reply! well Users2csv export users and comments to a csv file… but i need to export the users with the additional information.
        If you can do something or know any plugin that do that. i would be very grateful

  4. Hi!

    I’m attempting to integrate rpredux with wp 3.0x. So far, it’s not performingwhen the multi-user feature is turned on. any thoughts?

    (In Network Options/Registration Options, “user accounts may be registered” is enabled.)

    Thanks for any help!


    • DonO, I hate to tell you but Redux doesn’t work with WordPress MU yet. I really want to get that feature working soon, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. It’s a 3.7 feature for sure, I just can’t promise when that will be yet.

      • hi, i am not an expert but i have a bit of know how. i have the register plus redux installed today i can view it under redux settings preview in my plugin but i dont know how to make it appear on my website under the page named register/login


  5. Just wanted to say you’re doing a great job on your plugin, Register Plus Redux, radiok. The difference here is that you seem to be so dedicated to making this oh-so-useful of WordPress plugins work, when the original developer ceased updates. I hope you reap the benefits in terms of downloads, notoriety, respect, and donations :) (and if you’re not expecting donations, I think you definitely should, as there’s potential for others to make a lot of money out of using this plugin.)

  6. this is a great plugin. wished i’d thought of it… and when i did, you made it! thank you. now, how do I put this into my template page rather than sending folks to the wp-login.php page?

    • Unfortunately there’s no way to insert the registration form into a template page right now, but that’s an excellent idea. I think there’s a plugin that might do that by itself, but I am not sure it is compatible with Redux (it might just insert the default registration form). Like I said, this is an excellent idea for a feature, I’m not sure complex that is, but I’ll look into it to see where it could fit on the roadmap, 3.8 or 4.0 are still open. 3.8 is around a month out, 4.0 is undetermined right now.

  7. Is there a way that after a new user registers they are redirected to a particular page? For instance after registration the new user is currently sent to the wp login page. I’m using it on a membership site, so would like the user to be sent to the membership page after login, instead of the wp login page.

  8. Hi Radiok – really don’t know how you provide the support you do, incredible dedication.

    Have just spent an hour scouring forums for an answer, but no luck, so contacting you is my final hope. Here’s the problem:

    People register for my members only blog (using Register Plus Redux).
    I verify them (in Users/Unverified Users in WP)
    Then they try to login and get told their Username is wrong
    I check and see all Usernames are gone (except mine – Admin) in the Admin section.

    What the …??? Any ideas?

    Thank you so much.


  9. Thanks for your work Radiok. Have spent the last hour scouring forums for some clues but nothing. Contacting you is a last resort. Hope you can help.

    Relation: Register Plus Redux

    Here’s what happens:

    New readers register on my blog >
    I verify them in Admin >
    They try to login >
    They get told “username wrong” >
    I go to my Admin section >
    I see ALL usernames are missing (except mine) >

    What’s making them disappear?

    I’m using Register Plus Redux for registration.

    Thanks for your help!

  10. hi, thanks for the good job you are doing, i am not an expert but i have a bit of know how. i have the register plus redux installed today in my wordpress plugin, i can view the register page under redux settings (preview registration page) in my plugin , however i dont know how to make it appear on my website under the page named register/login. this is really getting me mad as i have been on this issue since morning. your help will be highly appreciated.



    • Abbey, what you are trying to do, as is, would require a plugin that enabled shortcode to insert the registration form onto another page. This is actually something I’m looking to add into Redux at some point but currently does not exist. Another way to get something along the same lines would be to use Page Links To. This makes a page link to some other page. With this plugin installed, you could edit your Registration Page, there will be a new field “Point to this URL:”, you can enter “http://www.cityflavourmagazine.com/wp-login.php?action=register” that should accomplish what you are looking for.

  11. hi, i have tried using the page link to plugin, but there is problem with it. i can see it in my plugin and activated it. but its not in my setting so no link to perfom the option youve sugested. am so sorry if my trouble is too much


    • You have to go to your Pages, there is one named Registration, along with Our Team, and Photo Gallery, etc. If you edit that page, down at the bottom will be the “Point to this URL:” field.

  12. hi radiok, thanks for your help. i think this will do the trick after this my last question, i have tried pointing my register page to one of my other website and it worked perfectly but i tried to point it to the url http://www.cityflavourmagazine.com/wp-login.php?=register . which is what i got on the form when i preview the page through register plus redux settings. it shows error message which say Oop! google chrome could not find the http. may be a little help of what will be the url of this form will be great.


  13. another thing, i have tried it and it worked but instead of taking the user back to my home page when they login , it takes them to their profile. please my people how do i solve this last problem. thanks in advance for your help.


  14. hey after long tussle, i have done the trick using wordpress login redirect. nothing much. just download it and activate it. it will automatically redirect all subscribers to your main page after login.

  15. hi, i am here again. am having a little problem with this application. when people try to register it wont send them any email verification nor send their login details but all this i have ticked in the register plus redux settings. all i can see is user notification in my dashboard asking me to approve or not.
    my web is http://www.cityflavourmagazine.com

    thanks for your help

    • Abbey, can you verify the default WordPress email works? Disable Redux and then register a new user, does that user receive the default email that WordPress sends?

  16. hi thanks for the info, i have tried it. it seems the problem is from yahoo emails. when i registered as new user with both worpress login and register plus redux login with gmail everything works well. i received the verification link aswell as my login info. so the problem is with yahoo mail user.

    thanks for the info.


  17. hi..
    i wanna ask about buddypress. i think in buddypress there is built in feature to add more custom field for user registrations. so i setup the additional field same to what i did in register plus redux. my question is:
    1. let say i have 100 users who registered before i install buddypress, how can i export them to the new record/table/field that i create in buddypress?

    2. if in wordpress i use author_meta to display the information in my template, is it still the same in buddypress?

  18. This is a WP installation I have set up for testing.
    I have added additional fields to the login process – and checked them to be required. When registring and I leave the additional required fields empty – no error message appears – and the registration is accepted. What may I do wrong?
    thanks for helping.

  19. First of all, GREAT plugin! I’m trying to integrate it with the default login page of a Premium theme i’m using and so far so good, except for one issue, similar to what the above user (Fred Zimmer) is mentioning:

    My example: I Created a default field named Gender; with Type set to Select Field; Options are: Male,Female. Checked Profile, Registration and Require.

    The problem here is that by default, the Gender field is already set to the first option which in this case is: Male.
    When clicking on Submit, it’s not really validating the Gender field given it was set to Male by default.
    Am I missing a step or is this a glitch? Are we supposed to add a Blank option somewhere to trick the system that nothing was selected?

    Thank you for looking into this one, hoping its not just a small step I missed along the settings :)

  20. Hey man, I would like to start by saying this plugin is amazing!! I currently put it up and everything has been good except one thing! and that’s when someone registers to my site they don’t receive the verification email…think you could help me out with this?? thanks!!!

  21. If two function has in this plugin I very happy:
    – Only specific user level can edit this fields.
    – It’s possible create “fields group” to I can choose which user personal group will preview this group of fields.

    If it were possible, my problem [and of the many people] would be solved!


  22. Hey,
    As everyone else, i will gladly jump on the bandwagon to give you kuddos to this plugin. I am using buddypress. I have searched the web over to find some info on this. Maybe i haven’t looked hard enough. When i have buddypress deactivated, i can use the registration for Registrater Plus Redux. But when I activate BuddyPress, i get the standard lame BuddyPress Registration, is there a way around this and use the Register Plus Redux to register for BuddyPress site?

  23. I have installed register plus redux and added three additional fields. I would like to display this information with Alkivia Open Community. It looks like all i need to do is put the field name into a new template. Problem is I don’t know the field names that are being generated and how to reference them. Any help would be appriciated. I am not a programer but i can cut and paste!

  24. Hi Radiok,
    thank you for this great plugin. It must be like 6 years that users suggested more core functionality for the user profiles, but WordPress really develops slowly there.

    However, I would love to have more functionality around the extra fields. Would you consider these suggestions for future updates?
    1) Option to structure the whole additional section with intermittent custom headlines
    2) Separate the field title from the key under which the field is saved, to simplify the table in case of longer (explanatory) field titles (if the static text field does not suffice)

    A bigger request: It would be nice to be able to completely restructure the whole profile page. Everyone has different things to ask their users, different options, different structure/order/additional explanations for native fields/… in mind, etc.
    At the moment, I am trying to hardcode it into the user-edit.php, but – with my little knowledge – this is playing with fire. I would love to customize the whole thing like my widgetized sidebar. There seems no simple solution out there at the moment (I have been looking for two days now).

    Also, your navigation bar in this blog is not working any more, as you seemingly moved the blog directory.

    Have a nice weekend!

  25. I want to use a custom field with drop down for entering a Birth date. Type selection ‘date field’ seems to be an empty text box? Is this a bug?

  26. Hi is there a way to get some dynamic fields in register form?
    I want to register diferent types of users…
    for example in section music i want to user have access to private music section… and in section video art user have access to private video art section

    thanks for reply

  27. Hi Radiok;
    Your plugin is once again causing the following errors in my err_log.php file: [14-Apr-2011 21:15:29] PHP Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘wpr_processEmails’ not found or invalid function name in /home/oiltoday/public_html/amsoil/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 473

    Once I upgraded to version 3.7.2 it started again and is also still being creating in version: 3.7.3

  28. It is okay about the above errors. I set up a cron job to delete the error_log file. In case anyone else needs it here it is: rm /home/username/public_html/error_log

    Your path may be a little different, if it is in a subdirectory just add it after public_html.

    • John, yeah, those errors are frustrating, but you are correct, they are also irrelevant. I will continue trying to squash them, I don’t like to see the plugin generating errors, regardless of their impact.

      • The impact is completely meaningless except for the fact that the error_log file grows insanely large and caused my vps server to freeze up a couple of times. But with the cronjob listed above it is an easy fix. This is the best registration plugin I have seen by far. You should actually be charging for this one.

  29. I have two problems with the plugin [Register Plus Redux]

    WordPress Version : 3.1.2
    Register Plus Redux Version : 3.7.3
    Website URL to registration Form : http://www.dubaiads4u.com/wp-login.php?action=register

    1. The Password Strength Indicator is not working
    2. The verification email link, when clicked does nothing. It just takes you to the login page. Checking the backend, you see that user is not verified

    Its would be great if someone could help me out here…



    • Yes i have the same verification problem. After clicking the link in the e-mail it stays unverified in the admin.

    • I am having the same issue with the verification email.

      When someone clicks the verification link, they are taken to the sign in page.

      BUT they do not receive the follow up email, and are still showing up as unverified in the users list of WP.

      Any suggestions?

  30. Hi radiok or anyone else working on this plugin.

    Awesome plugin, i use it on several sites!

    I am having a issue where even if i check the option to set the username as the admin, it still shows the username field in the register page.


    I have scoured the forums but i cant seem to find this a fix, so i figured maybe you could help.

  31. Hey Radiok,

    first, thank you very much for your great plugin! I like it very much and it gaves me all the options i need!

    but, unfortunatelly i have one problem with the plugin.

    when i activate the plugin, users which are generated by the admin via “add user” does not get any message with the password.
    the option in your plugin “send users NO email, if the account is generated by the administrator” is NOT checked. can you please check this? the installed version is 3.7.3 – i have not seen any possibe updates.

    thanks in advance!

  32. Hi,

    Does anyone know how super admin can add users once you have set the extra fields as required fields? Example, first name, last name.


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