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  1. Interesting reading. I use Maintenance Mode on a LOT of installs and have never seen any issues that I would account to this plugin but as you said…if nothing was reported, how would I know?

    Aren’t there many other plugins that check for current_user like theme previews, etc? I wonder how these are (or are not affected)?

    Anywho…let me know if you need any assistance with testing, I’m happy to help if I can.

    • Well, in regard to Maintenance Mode specifically, not a lot of plugins overwrite pluggable functions, so that makes for a lot less issues right out of the gate, also, I’m not sure what order WordPress reads the plugins, if WP read Redux before Maintenance Mode, that would have prevented the issue too. In fact, if there was a way to weight the load order of plugins and set Maintenance Mode weight very high, then that would be another fix. If I had to guess, I think WP reads them in alpha order, but I’ve never looked, although, that’s an interesting avenue of research.

      In regard to other themes and plugins, most of them don’t call out to current_user_can() until after they are initialized. This is kind of specific to the way Maintenance Mode was written. I’m not sure if that’s good luck, good coding practice, or trial and error, but this doesn’t seem to be a common problem. So, I don’t blame WP, not to say I blame the author either, it’s just one of those things you learn from.

      Now I just need someone to test my solution so I can present it to the author and make Maintenance Mode a good citizen of the plugin community.

  2. Found another conflicting plugin, this one is PDF24 Article to PDF. Sure enough, the very first thing it does is call pluggable.php. Will see about contacting the plugin author.


  3. I love your plugin. The only problem I’m having, is the admin notification new user email is being sent to the wrong user. I have two administrators, and it is not being sent to either one. How can I change where the notification email is being sent? Thanks!

    • Beth, in the preview pane for the admin message, it should display the email address it will send admin emails to, is that either of the admins you intend to sent it to?

      • No, it shows the address where the email is going, but it is not to either of the Adminstrators. It is going to a Contributor.

        • OK Beth, the email address that Redux uses is found in the General Settings on your WordPress Control Panel, I’m not positive it will let you, but you can try to enter both email addresses with a comma separating them. If that does not work you will either need to choose one, or, create a forwarding email address via your web hosting control panel that forwards to both of your admins. Let me know how that works for you.

  4. Very detailed post. There are quite a few maintenance scripts out there though.. what ones do you recommend using?

    I’ve issues with a few in the past – any suggestions? Thanks!

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