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  1. Hi, I really like your plugin, and it works great. Thanks for the update today as well, I was also having blank notification emails!

    There is one little thing (well, I think its little). The password strength indicator shows “Too Short” when a password less than 4 characters is entered. However, WordPress has a minimum requirement of 7. Is there a way to change that “Too Short” tag to display until a password is at least 7 charachters?


    • I’ve addressed this issue in 3.6.17, my solution was to add a new option, “Minimum Password Length”, whatever you have set there will feed into the password strength meter. The length I was using, 6, is the default, but that was arbitrarily chosen, WordPress would let you generate a user with a 1 character password if you were so brazen.

    • Any chance that you can add a change password option that follows the same screen as registration but allows already logged in users to be prompted to change password only?

      • I’m sorry, I don’t quite follow. Do you mean a separate page with just a new password prompt effectively. Like:

        Current Password: _____
        New Password: _____
        Confirm Password: _____
        [Password Strength Meter]
        Save Changes

        If so, is there any particular reason why user’s can’t change their password from their Profile page? Or are you looking to create something else?

    • Your plugin is great. I used it on one site with no problems setting up custom fields with selection lists, but in the one I’m working on now (wp 3.0.5), the option field for selection lists is grayed out. What am I missing?

    • Hi,
      Fist pardon me for my poor english, I’m french.
      I discovered inside register plus redux, that when a new user fills the registration form within required mandatory fields, just typing a blank space
      is enough to get the status of unverified_user.
      I have a lot of spammers doing this on my site.
      Is it possible to fix or disallow space inside the required field ?
      Thansk a lot in advance, and keep up the good work


  2. I am amazed and impressed by the plethora of options you continue to add to RP Redux – I can never thank you enough!

    I have a few feature suggestions, see if you want to implement them:
    1. Allow admin to sign up users without sending ANY user notification email.
    I’m being selfish here. I run a short-story magazine where I invite users to submit their stories. When a story gets chosen as a feature, I sign up the user as a “contributor” and post the story from the dashboard as admin, but under their “byline”. This allows me to use the Author Box plugin effectively, you see.

    2. New URL field type in Custom fields
    I know this is ridiculous, but it’s one of those little things that goes a long way? 😀

    3. Allow customization of both Verification and Confirmation emails
    Let me be brutally honest about this: For a non-coder like me, the native email notifications in WordPress suck. I love the fact that Register Plus Redux allows me to customize those emails my way! Am I asking for too much? :)

    Once again, thanks a gazillion for your efforts. If you ever come down to Pune, India ping me – I’ll be glad to buy you a couple of beers! :)


    • Thank you Shikant, positive feedback keeps me going! I want to make something that anyone would find useful on their site so I’m always game for new features!

      Your first request is pretty simple, I’ll just add a check box somewhere for suppress user notification message when user is created by admin. Although, it would be a lot cooler to put a checkbox on the user creation screen saying, suppress user notification, and having your Redux option be the default, so if you wanted to, you could uncheck it on the user creation screen to send out a specific user their notification. I was actually planning on looking to add the registration fields to admin user creation page anyway, I don’t like how they aren’t there so hopefully I can add that checkbox then. Regardless, I’ll add the basic feature in the next update.

      What defines a URL field to you? Would it be a textbox that sanitizes whatever you ever so that you can only enter URLs? Bascially identical to the user website field? If so I can definitely add that, otherwise let me know what you mean.

      I kicked the idea of a custom verification email, since you’re asking, I’ll add it!

      Not sure if 3.6.14 will make it out the door today or not, but your first and third request should be included in that version.

      • Dude, you rock.

        Just upgraded to 3.6.14 & settings 1 & 3 are just perfect – exactly the way I had imagined it. Thanks a gazillion!

        About the URL field: Yeah, a simple textbox that sanitizes to check for URL validity sounds good. The WP URL field does not sanitize, I think.

        I know it’s a ridiculous request – but hey, thanks! 😀

        Cheers & beers all round!

  3. First of all, just want to say that this is the best addon to wordpress i’ve ever used. It takes WP to another level.

    On that note, I do have a feature request – Can you make it so you can option the user to be automatically logged in after they register. My users are creating a non moderated account where they set their username and password right there (which is also emailed to them).

    If not built into the plugin might you know how to do this?

  4. I updated your plugin today, and now an error message show on the profilepages for users with an invitationcode:

    Additional Information:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in XXXXXXXXX/wp-content/plugins/register-plus-redux/register-plus-redux.php on line 1890
    Invitation Code: XXXXXXXX

  5. Hello,
    First, I’d like to thank you for an excellent plugin. Since we went live on Friday, I’ve had 70+ registrations, without even advertising our changes! We’re planning on broadcasting to our 8,000+ userbase soon, so now’s the time to button up a few problems.

    One problem I’ve noticed is that post registration this message is displayed: “Please verify your account using the verification link sent to your email address” and my custom verification email is sent to their address. For the majority of my users, they’ve received this email no problem. The problem is, a small handful haven’t seen the verification email because it goes straight to their spam/junk mail.

    I found where I can customize the message “Please verify your account using the verification link sent to your email address” in your plugin, but since you’re actively updating, I’ll need to make this change every day or two.

    tl;dr Please add a post registration custom notification in place of “Please verify your account using the verification link sent to your email address” so I can add “Please check your junk mail for verification email, add our domain to your addressbook/whitelist”.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. Do you have any plans to create reports of users and their custom fields? I’ve checked out a few user report generation packages but they aren’t as slick as your plugin. It’d be nice to have a ‘generate report’ button within RPR.

    • Quick question, do you custom CSS changing the font size to 12px? Because the firs three fields on your reg. form are still 24. You can add them to your custom CSS to change them to 12 too. They are user_login, user_email, and user_email2. Unless that’s what you’re looking for. Otherwise, very impressive, I can’t believe the options field can handle all the options you have defined!

      I do think I need to create something to help users get their data better, I don’t like relying on someone else to write that right. I just have so many ambitions and so little time!

      Regardless, I do think I should allow for customization of a couple of the fields that I “wrote”. I’ll see what I can do about that ASAP.

        • It looks great! Thank you so much! I’ve fielded several calls since commenting, where the verification message was in the user’s spam folder.

          I also made the CSS changes you mentioned, I must have missed them on the first pass. Thanks!

          • I caught you mid-svn? Updated 2nd time and all appears to be working.

            Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in /path/to/wp-content/plugins/register-plus-redux/register-plus-redux.php on line 1554

  6. radiok — Thanks for the hard work on this plugin. It’s perfect for a project I’m working on, but I’m getting some odd errors in the latest release (3.6.18)

    For instance, in the admin screen I cannot actually add a new custom field. Also, the “required” checkbox is greyed, and cannot be activated. I get what appears to be a javascript error when viewing the admin screen. Something about a syntax error in options-general, line 180. Any ideas on this one? I’m all ready to make a donation for this plugin if I can get it up and running past these little errors.


    • I should’ve been a bit more clear on the first error — Basically, if I click on the green “plus” icon to add a new field, nothing happens. If I enter information in that blank boxes above that and hit “save changes”, it appears to save that new custom field. However, I can only add one field, since the green “plus” button doesn’t work.

      FYI, this is on a new installation of WP 3.0.1, with no other plugins or themes active.

      • Ok, it looks like none of the jQuery functions are working.. Because I can’t use the add invitation code button, the delete custom field button, etc. So close, yet so far! :)

        • Ripfish, due to the way I’m using WordPress’ SVN you might have a version in between versions. As odd as it sounds, could you download a new .zip from WordPress and manually install it? I know that’s asking a lot, well not A LOT, but it’s a pain, but it’ll help me out, so… yeah, hook a brother up. I’m not experiencing any problems with the most recent code and I want to isolate this before I make anymore jQuery changes. Thanks!

          • Hmmm.. Unfortunately, I’m getting the same problem. I did see that in the version history, 3.6.19 includes some re-written jQuery code, however the version I download from WordPress is 3.6.18 — which seems weird since the version history is talking about a future release?

            Would you want to check out the error live on server? I can send you the info, if you’re curious.

  7. Ahh! It works in Firefox (3.6.10), but it doesn’t in IE 8. I tried switching browsers to get the benefit of Firebug’s errors, and discovered it works nicely in that browser. Can’t imagine why there’d be a cross-browser issue in jQuery code, but I don’t know jQuery very well either. :)

  8. Weird, I’ll have to look into IE compatability. I haven’t used that in a hot minute. Regardless, 3.6.19 is out now with all the ‘final’ jQuery. So let me know if that breaks anything on the Settings Page.

    • Fantastic — thanks. I’ll check back and see if the update fixes the issue in IE8 that I was having.

      This is seriously an amazing plugin. Thanks for your hard work on it, and your responsiveness on this blog.

  9. whow, THANKS a lot!
    You’re realy Go(o)d! *ahum*

    Maybe you have an solution for translations? I translated the register-plus-redux.php file because a sefmade nl.po/nl.mo file didn’t work on your plugin?
    BUT: After upgrading the translation dissapeared ofcourse (!), ans NO I had no back-up 😉
    So I wonder if you have a solution for that? Mayby includea .pot file from your plugin?

    Anyway: thanks for all the hard work!
    Sorry for my English


    • No need to apologize, I have two or three things left to accomplish for the 3.7 version, with 3.7 I am going to have a .pot file. I’ve made a lot of changes back and forth with the different text strings so I didn’t want to releases one before then. Should be out within the next 5 days.

  10. Hi.

    First, Thanks for this program.

    I just wonder that how to go to index page after guest registration.

    now, After guest registration, the page goes to member’s profile.

  11. Love the RPR plugin, thanks for the great work. I have 2 questions, 1) is it possible to remove the “A password will be e-mailed to you.” text that appears at the bottom of the form? It is not needed when the option to select a password is checked. 2) When a visitor fills out the form and there are additional fields set in the backend, where is the additional field data that is entered stored? Thanks in advance.

    WP 3.0.1
    RPR 3.6.22

  12. Found the issue with the “A password will be e-mailed to you.” text. It was the custom-options.php file of my theme. I still cannot get the data from the additional fields I have set in the backend to show up under the users details. The fields show on the registration page, but the data entered in the fields seems to go nowhere… Thanks again for any help.

  13. For anyone else with the same issue, I found my issue with not seeing the additional fields data in the users details. I did not have the “add to profile” radio box checked on the RPR options screen. Now that I do, I can see the fields both in the user admin panel and in the database. Now my next issue, how do I call that data to, say, a post? Like if I have a field set for “Business Name”, and I want to insert the field data the EU entered for that field into a post, how would I do this? If anyone can help that would be great.

  14. Here’s how I do it:
    $CurrUser = wp_get_current_user() ;
    $UserName = $CurrUser->display_name ;

    Then I can echo $UserName wherever I need it.

    The meta_key/value pairs are stored very strangely in my opinion, rows vs Columns. If you’re used to working with MySql directly, it gets a bit confusing: SELECT meta_value FROM wp_usermeta WHERE meta_key =Company ORDER BY meta_key ASC;

    I can’t do SELECT Company, Phone FROM wp_usermeta ORDER BY Company ASC;

    • I agree Eric, I’ve been hesitant to add tables to the database, but with the “big” changes coming, I might start storing the Redux metadata in it’s own tables, at that point I may switch from rows to columns. Regardless, Barton, Eric has it right, you need to get a hold of the current_user, or perhaps the author using the global $authordata, from there you can reference any metadata, like $authordata->custom_field.

      • If you could store all of that data in it’s own table, I’d love you 1000x forever.

        I need to begin preparing on-demand reports, preferably serverside/intranet, and the inability to monkey with the raw data is really slowing me down.

        I’m happy to share my code with you if/when it happens.

        Also: IE6/some flavors of IE really have a problem with recaptcha. I can’t remember if I mentioned that. It looks like that’s on recaptcha, not you. If I were to fix it, I’d:
        if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'MSIE 6.0') !== FALSE) {OldCaptcha;} else {ReCaptcha;} ;

        Keep up the good work!

        • Yuck, you have to deal with people still using that ancient browser! That’s dreadful. I should write a blog about this soon, I keep pushing 3.7 out because I want all the current features to be “perfect” and people keep finding little bugs! I’m glad to get them all worked out, but it slows down my 3.8 and 4.0 work, hopefully we’ll have no showstoppers soon. Following 3.7 I want to get WordPress MU/MS working then we’ll finally move onto the “big” changes. I’m going to give admin control over the name of the variables in the database and the way those names are displayed to the user (probably won’t be dramatically different but we need this for our non-english friends) and the ability to apply regex to custom fields, so you can make a number only field, or and IP Address field, or some other malarkey. This is all getting a bit complex for Registration only so following that I want to make good old Register Plus able to create forms on your page. I think I might need to change the name once I get that done, or break this into two different plugins. Either way, big things in store.

    • Awesome. Thanks Eric, this gives me somewhere to start. This is a bit over my head but I get the jist. I may have to pay to play, finding a php expert to help me out, but I’ll give it a shot.

      Thanks for checking in and verifying Radiok.

      • Barton, if you care to explain exactly what you are trying to accomplish, you can email me radiok at radiok.info and I’ll try to help you out.

  15. First thanks for making such a great plugin, but I’m having trouble with it and hope you can help. I set things up just the way I want, save changes and then when I preview, everything looks great. I test from 3 different computers and usernames and it all works well.


    Once I’ve logged out of WP, the registration screen never comes up again. Users never need to register. I’ve turned on “anyone can register” in WP, which is what I needed to do to make the plugin active in the first place.

    Sorry for such a newbie question but would really appreciate any help — seems I’m probably doing something very simple that’s wrong, can you help?

    Thanks so much and my compliments on some great work!

    • Hello Barton,

      It’s very nice of you to answer, thank you. You do understand the issue as described, perhaps I’m not understanding a simple solution.

      My WP site is set up with a static homepage — simply a new page with just “hello” text and a logo. The address that I give out to users is http://www.mydomain.com/internal — this address points to that static page, which is simply a launch page to the rest of the site (blog).

      Even when the plugin is turned on, nobody sees a registration or login page when they go to mydomain.com/internal. Maybe the url of that homepage has to change to http://www.mydomain.com/internal/wp-login.php?action=register? If so, I for the life of my can’t figure out where in WP to change that page’s url, or how to make a new page with that url.

      If I make the change you’re saying, will registered users simply get a login page?

      I really appreciate the help. This is my first time using WP and I’m kind of blown away by this landscape, thanks again for helping guys like me.


  16. I really appreciate your plug in. It is perfect for my site. However my site is English and Chinese. I am using the Straker plug in to switch pages and posts to either language.

    You can guess my next question…… How do I make the register form in Chinese? I would even be ok with something like *Username/放热成为日 on the form box titles

    I am not a coder, so I don’t know how to edit the css to add the slash chinese.
    Can you help?

    • Jack, I’ve finally done something for you. In the next version, additional fields will have a Label as well as a Database Key. The label can be anything and will be showed exactly as is to the user. The key has to be database valid.

  17. Thanks for a brilliant plug-in – it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. I hope this is the right place to ask a question – apologies if it isn’t!

    Our members all have a membership number, which we use for various admin functions and I am trying to add a custom field to the registration page which will show this number to admins. Ideally, I would like this number to auto-increment, so that if, say, our most recent member has a membership number of 2002, then the next person to register will automatically be assigned number 2003 and so on. Is this possible within RPR, or would I need to add something direct to the SQL tables? If so, does anyone have an idea what to add and in which table?

    Many thanks again for a great plug-in, and for continuing to enhance and maintain it – without this WP plug-in, we would have needed to look elsewhere for our website app.

    • I don’t have any immediate idea how to create an auto increment field, but this is a pretty snazzy idea, I’ll try to work on this at some point. Considering the way the metadata is stored, I can’t recommend anyway to make this in the backend of the database. Each user does have a user_id, but that won’t match whatever you have in place now unfortunately.

  18. Thanks for the prompt response. I’ve had a look at the usermeta table and the way it’s constructed doesn’t help much with this – at least, not for someone with my limited skills. However, I think it would be a useful feature, if it turns out to be practical – thanks again for considering it.

  19. hi, can some please help me out, this plugin is the best login have seen so far. i am not an expert but i have a bit of know how. i have installed register plus redux in my wordpress plugin, i can view the register/loging etc page under redux settings when i click (preview registration page) in my plugin , however i dont know how to make it appear on my website under the page named register/login. this is really getting me mad as i have been on this issue since. your help will be highly appreciated.

  20. Hi, I switched from Register Plus to RP Redux because I had a lot of problems with the confirmation email link that was unclickable and few other things. With your plugin everything works perfectly except for one minor problem…..the email now gets diverted into the junkbox on certain mailer like wlmail. It wasn’t like that with the old register plus or with the default reg procedure of wp.

    • I don’t see what Redux could be doing any different from Register Plus or even the default email, it’s all sent through the same process. Perhaps the wording between the different systems has triggered the spam filter. You can customize the message to mirror exactly what you know to be a good message and that should help I would think.

  21. First off, let me say “thank you” for your work on this plugin. Awesome stuff.

    Regarding usernames, how would I go about removing the “username” field, and simply using the email as the username during the registration process? Is that easier said than done? I took a look at the main .php file, but I have to admit I’m a bit new to WP.

  22. Hello!
    First to say I am not an expert to wordpress but I am getting along so far. I wanted to extend the registration process by adding some more fields to the registration. I did this by using your plug-in and it seemed all fine. I registered by filing in the fields but they won’t come up within the user profile. So I guess the system does not keep them somehow? What can I do or what am I doing wrong?

    • Quote from above “For anyone else with the same issue, I found my issue with not seeing the additional fields data in the users details. I did not have the “add to profile” radio box checked on the RPR options screen. Now that I do, I can see the fields both in the user admin panel and in the database. Now my next issue, how do I call that data to, say, a post? Like if I have a field set for “Business Name”, and I want to insert the field data the EU entered for that field into a post, how would I do this? If anyone can help that would be great.”

      Hopefully this helps.

        • Thanks Eric, you actually posted that info for me before and it worked great. I didn’t mean to post my whole response with the question at the end, I was just moving to fast… 😉

  23. coming back to the issue with “I did not have the “add to profile” radio box checked on the RPR options screen.”. Where exactly “add to profile” radio box? I ticked off “profile” for each additional field…

    • It is in the RPR admin panel. There are two sets of radio boxes per field, one to put the filed on the register page and one to put the information that the user enters into their user profile. Both need to be checked in order to see the field as well as see the entered info in the back-end.

  24. Hi Barton,

    this is exactly what I did but it still won’t show… Can there be another problem? Apart from this the plugin seems to be rally great! It is exactly what I need! I hope this problem can be sorted out…



  25. This is the slickest wordpress plugin ever. Here is an enhancement that would be useful to me: provide a means for making some user profile data only editable by an admin. For example, a field for specifying the date membership dues were paid would be entered in the user’s profile by the admin, and could only be edited by the admin.

    • If that’s tricky, maybe make some fields only viewable to admins? That would give pretty much the same effect.

        • Well, I had mixed results. I added an additional field, made sure profile and registration options were not selected and then had a look at a random user’s profile. Sure enough – there was my new field, with ‘(Hidden)’ written right after it. However, if I then logged out and logged back in as an ‘ordinary’ (i.e. non-admin) user and looked at this ordinary user’s profile, I could still see my new field, stil with ‘(Hidden)’ shown against it. Trouble is, it now seems there’s no way of making a field not show up on a profile, because whether you check the ‘profile’ option or not, you (and everyone else) can still see the field showing up in the profile. fwiw: Using Win Xp SP3 with Firefox (although I also tried with IE – made no difference)

          • I believe I fixed this error, if you could download a new copy from the same link. Let me know how that works out.

          • Sorry to muck about with the thread order, but the ‘reply’ link had gone missing from your latest post. Anyway – it works! Brilliant piece of work and many thanks. RPR is working its way towards becoming the plug-in by which all others are judged, imho.

  26. The site I am using WP for is a sports club. As such we have a committee – Treasurer, Secretary etc. We also have a membership secretary, whose job it is to verify new applicants for membership and generally keep our records up-to-date. So, I would like to know if the following is possible:

    When setting up WP, I have to provide an admin email address (which is currently my own). However, I should like the new membership applications to be dealt with by our membership secretary, so I’d like to be able to have the emails advising of new registrations etc. sent to him, whilst the various other admin emails still come to me as webmaster. Basically, set up one admin email address for use within RPR, whilst leaving the main, default, admin address working for other WP functions or plug-ins.

    Does anyone know if this is possible, please, and, if so, how? If it isn’t currently possible, is it at all likely to be considered for inclusion as a feature in future releases?


  27. Is there a chance that Register Redux could be adapted for BuddyPress? I really love Redux options (as they actually allow us to essentially give options for our community section that Buddypress doesn’t have), but the buddypress set up over-rides it. I’m not experienced with coding, so I was curious if there was a simple workaround!

  28. hi, i’m using redux on a site and some users have noted that their new user notification emails are coming *from* WORDPRESS@LOQATE.COM rather than the main wordpress admin email address. is there anyway of changing the ‘from’ email? have looked everywhere.
    emails received say:

    thanks for the great plugin!

  29. Hey,

    First off a fantastic plugin, well done!, I have a minor issue with the required fields in the registration form. The user can simply insert a space and this is sufficient enough for the form to process.

    Any way to fix this?


  30. Hi,
    It’s been a while since I have had a question on Redux… (it’s so nine when things just work!)

    When someone registers they get an email with a validation link..

    The link goes to the WordPress login page with a little “Thank you for validating, etc.”
    Is there a way for the validation link go to a page of my choice? (i.e. the home page or my own “Thank you page”)


  31. Guys just need a little help with Register Plus Redux p-lugin please.

    I have one little glitch. The registration process is working well and the user email verification is all good just one slightly annoying this for my new users…. when they specify their password and once as the administrator I approve them access to the site they are supplied a new password that appears to have been auto generated. The new password works fine its just not the password that the user specified in the registration process.

    Any ideas?
    Have you guys seen this before?

    Thanks Steve (Love the plugin :)

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